4 Reasons Every Craftsman MUST Own A Contour Gauge Duplicator

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4 Reasons Every Craftsman MUST Own A Contour Gauge Duplicator

Craftman operating Contour Gauge

A Contour Gauge or a Profile Gauge is a tool that uses an array of sliding pins to accurately capture irregular shapes that can then be transferred to another surface for tracing and cutting.

Now, a Contour Gauge is not the first tool that comes to mind, when we think of craftsmen and handymen. Rather, we think of hammers and screwdrivers, and even crosscut saws and cordless drills. In fact, a lot of amateur craftsmen and handymen do not even know that a tool such as a Contour Gauge even exists.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that a Contour Gauge can take your craftsmanship to the next level. Although it won’t play a role in all projects, when called for, there is no better substitute. So let me make a case for the Contour Gauge.

Here are some reasons why a Contour Gauge Duplicator is a tool every craftsman must own:

1. Save Time, Save Money

Time equals money. That’s how the saying goes. And it is true not just for the billionaires and millionaires, but also for craftsmen and handymen. Although not in the same way as wealthy businessmen, more spare time allows you to get more work done or work on other projects to make your own American Dream come true.

Using a ruler or tape to measure irregular surfaces and objects can be incredibly time-consuming. Not to mention, even an expert craftsman can fall victim to overlapping if he tries to hurry. And even the smallest of overlaps can get the measurement all wrong, meaning you will have to start all over again, eating up more of your time. The more time is lost, the lesser the work is done.

A Contour Gauge Duplicator allows you to make an instant template for irregular surfaces within seconds, thus saving you much time.

2. Easier Work, Better Work

Each project varies in levels of difficulty. Now, although that is part of the profession, why would you want to do things the harder way, when there is an easier solution? Using a ruler or a tape to measure irregular surfaces is not just time-consuming, but also incredibly difficult. There can be instances where an object you need to measure is either too large or small. Or in other cases, it can be situated in a tight nook or corner, that a ruler or tape might not even fit properly into the available space. 

A contour gauge overcomes all these issues, making your work much easier. Contour gauges are available in various sizes and with varying accuracy, allowing you to accurately trace the shape of every nook and corner. Some contour gauges can even be attached to another to make it bigger, allowing for easier measurement of larger objects.

3. One Equipment For Multiple Purposes

Sure, as a craftsman or a handyman, you never know what tools you are going to require. But some jobs require just a few pieces of equipment. Most tools have specific purposes. You cannot for instance use a ruler to measure the circumference of a spherical object, thus limiting its applications.

On the other hand, the contour gauge is one of the most innovative tools to have come out in recent history. Although it works on a simple principle, it is astonishingly versatile and can measure countless shapes and surfaces of varying lengths and sizes. As such, it has applications including carpentry, crown molding, door casing, flooring, tile work, and many more.

4. Perfection, Every Single Time

When you are working on projects, the margin for error is quite low. Even the slightest miscalculation can have serious consequences. But to err is human, which is why we see even rockets created by the most renowned rocket scientists crash to the ground.

But with the contour gauge, perfection is guaranteed every single time. You don’t even have to be an expert craftsman to use it. The element of human error is minimized quite significantly as you are not required to use your senses to measure, as you would with a ruler or tape.

Placing the ruler or tape incorrectly or making errors in reading the numbers, could result in these cases. But with a contour gauge, all you have to do is press it against the surface, and immediately you get a perfect reproduction of the shape. This means you get to practically carry the surface you want to measure, wherever you want.

So Are These Reasons Enough To Buy A Contour Gauge?

Absolutely, because guess what, contour gauges are also quite affordable! Contour gauges offer incredible value for money and you won’t have to break the bank to get one. There is no doubt that a Contour Gauge is an incredibly handy tool that every craftsman can make use of.

But you do not even have to be a craftsman to make use of a contour gauge. It can come in handy while doing household repairs, even if you are just a homemaker. So why not go ahead and get yourself one, right now?