About Us

About Us

10Bestbuy.com is a comparison platform that offers the Best 10 products and services in a variety of categories.


10bestbuy.com is a products and services comparison platform that offers you expert advice through well-researched, in-depth 10 Best Reviews, to help you choose the best options available in the market. Our mission is to make your shopping experience easier by doing all the work for you and save you your time, money, and peace of mind. We help make your decisions easier so that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and choose from the best.

How do we prepare our content?

Our process is simple, systematic, and efficient. Each of our Ten Best Reviews is the result of hours of research, testing, and analysis. First, we scan the market for top-quality products and services. Our field experts play a crucial part in this task. Next, we identify the key features of the products and services by processing data with our unique algorithm. We then choose the best of the bunch and run tests to score them using our efficient scoring system. The team then compares and contrasts the results with authentic customer reviews to come up with the rankings. Finally, the writing department prepares the completed reviews which are finally approved by our chief editor and published as the 10 Best Reviews you see.

How do we earn money?

As you might have already realized, 10bestbuy.com is a completely free-to-use service. We do not charge our users to join up or to access any of our content as we believe you should be able to use our service hassle-free. You might have also noticed that 10bestbuy.com does not contain any advertisements. That’s because we are adamant that our platform should be completely user-friendly and that each user should have a wonderful experience using the platform. And although this means that we miss out on lucrative opportunities to earn money, we prefer not to earn an income at our customers’ expense.

However, over the years, our website and audience have grown steadily and so has our staff. What started as a small service-minded start-up, is today a company with hundreds of employees including professional researchers, writers, editors, analysts, designers, technicians, consultants, and more who work tirelessly to create great content for you. And while our primary mission is to serve you, we require funding to keep the website and the company operational. As such we may earn a commission from our partners, at no additional expense to our users, by reviewing and promoting their products or services through affiliate links. The compensation we receive from our partners does not influence where or in what order their products and services appear on our site.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are links provided by our partners to help them understand when a user purchases their product at our recommendation. This means that when a user reads one of our reviews and proceeds to click the link to the website where the product or service is actually being sold and makes a purchase, we earn a small commission or a referral bonus. Our partner cannot identify any other details other than that one user has been redirected to their store from our website because the affiliate link on our website has been clicked. So the commissions are not made at the customer’s expense.

We only partner with the best companies that offer top-quality products and services. Besides, we don’t get paid for writing our unbiased reviews, unlike advertisers who charge huge sums to market products with an inherent bias. So it is only fair that the best companies pay us a referral bonus for the sales that they make.

If you are a regular reader of our website, you’ll know that our reviews and 10 Best Lists are honest and trustworthy. We have a large readership and returning customers because they are satisfied with the products and services they have purchased with the help of our lists. So if a product has been recommended by our 10 Best Lists, you can rest assured that it will be well researched and of top quality. Besides, the choice is always yours!

The 10BestBuy Team

Our team here at 10bestbuy.com comprises a group of passionate, driven, and talented individuals including field experts, researchers, writers, editors, designers, technicians, and more who work hours on end to come up with each Top Ten list. Each review that we draft is written with the reader in mind. Each individual in the team is a vital cog that makes sure the machine runs efficiently and smoothly to churn out the best reviews. And to top it all, the team is directed by a reliable leader who chooses the best option for you from each of the 10 Best Lists and guides to the best choice you with a personalized buyer’s guide. The team strives to provide you the best comparison experience and to help you choose with ease and confidence.