7 Tips to Run Your Air Conditioner Efficiently

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7 Tips to Run Your Air Conditioner Efficiently

Air conditioner blowing cold air

The efficiency of an air conditioner is determined by how clean and well-maintained it is and how much load it consumes regularly. Anything that we can do to make sure both of these are in effect, will result in keeping your AC efficient and productive for a long time

1. Use Filters And Vents For AC

A lot of air conditioners in the market come with an inbuilt vent and filter layers. These layers help in keeping the dust away from the interior cooling area of the Air conditioner and thus safeguarding the mechanical parts from getting dusty. This in turn helps to keep them clean and protected and may prevent corrosion to an extent as well.

If your Air conditioner did not come with an inbuilt filter, try to find out if you can install any.

2. Use Dehumidifiers In The House

Dehumidifiers are necessary if your house has high humidity, if the thermostat shows more than 50, you should consider getting one. Getting a humidifier will not only increase the comfort for breathing and comfort but will also decrease your need to use an AC at most times. If the AC is used for longer periods, its efficiency is doomed to decrease.

3. Use a Fan And Exhaust

Use a fan at night if your place isn’t too hot. Opening the windows at night and keeping the fans on is most often comfortable for most regions and seasons. Doing this will cut down the time your AC is running and save you some money on the bills every month and keep the AC efficient for a longer time

If you are cooking, the temperature is most likely to heat up in the kitchen. Do not use AC to cool it down immediately.

Use an exhaust in the kitchen that will remove not only heat but also pungent smells. You can then switch on the AC if it is required

4. Keep The Curtains Closed When Not At Home

Keeping the curtains closed during the daytime in rooms that you don’t regularly use or if you happen to go out and the home is empty. That avoids sunlight peeping into your house and warming up the temperature oh your house for which larger amount of electricity should be used and the AC experiences a higher load rate

5. Thermostat Adjustments

Keeping the thermostat temperature high is a very important aspect of electricity saving and AC efficiency. Keeping a few degrees higher can show you significant results in the current spent which in turn will tell you how many loads were applied on your AC but not make a huge difference in your comfort. 

Try to purchase a time-sensitive thermostat that could set the temperature lower at times when nobody is home. Or even manually switching off the AC when you leave can contribute to a large improvement in your monthly bills and its efficient running 

6. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and service of your AC are some of the most obvious ways to keep your AC in perfect working conditions. The efficiency will be higher and you will need to get it serviced less often and it will add up a few years in your AC’s lifetime.

A simple thorough cleaning once or twice a year will do the job, it doesn’t have to be expensive or anything fancy

7. Redesign Home to make it colder by installing shields

Redesigning your home is an important aspect to consider if you are passionate about the environment (you should be) and want to save the world some tons of pollution. If you are not in a position to make any changes, you can always find simpler tips like insulating your home, planting more trees, and shielding your home from the heat in summers

Using cooling materials during the construction of a house can keep the temperature down by a large range. Place air conditioners in non-sunny areas to prevent them from heating up. If water is sufficient in your area, try to use it cool down the ceiling by automatic sprinklers systems, or even running a hose around and above the property for two minutes will do the job

Benefits of efficient and reduced AC usage

Cost benefits are an obvious reason why you should use less AC at times when it not necessary

Air conditioners are major reasons for ozone depletion and global warming due to the chlorofluorocarbons and other cooling agents they use. Reducing their usage, just a few hours per day can help the planet drastically.

They cause a major load on current systems and cause power shutdowns often in smaller towns and neighborhoods that do not have an ample supply of electricity

Continuous use of AC removes the chance to open the windows during the daytime and reduces the chance of contact with sunlight which is essential for any individual’s well-being

Final Words

The use of ACs in some places and times is unavoidable due to hot weather conditions and certain seasons.

But using the air cooling system throughout the year is irresponsible and can cause serious health effects as well. Not to mention, it can deteriorate the functioning of your AC due to high loads and continuous usage.

Clean the appliance regularly to maintain its efficiency, it will definitely add up years of uninterrupted optimal functioning.