How To Convert Gas Generator To Propane Generator

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How To Convert Gas Generator To Propane Generator

Propane generators have a fair amount of advantages compared to gasoline generators, which can be conveniently achieved by the conversion process. Generators are such an important part of comfortable camping and nomadic traveling and propane generators are definitely a better choice for various sets of reasons.

Why You Should Be Using Propane In Place Of Gasoline?

Propane is environmentally friendly. It is not a completely safe fuel to use, but it is definitely better at controlling pollution. Propane releases less toxic gases when it burns and is often regarded as a cleaner fuel.

Propane is easily available and a more convenient option to use in case of a natural disaster, which is probably when you would want to use a generator. In case of inconvenience, gasoline is more likely hard to be found because of its wide use.

Propane can be stored for years without any problem in kept in safe containers and they come in form of thick containers with compressed gas so they are also very easy to travel with.

Propane is a highly efficient fuel with a high calorific value which is yet another reason to choose them over gas.

Things To Note Before Starting The Process Of Conversion

Converting or making modifications to your generator will forbid you from warranty-related benefits. If the conversion process fails or otherwise and you want to reuse it as a gasoline generator again, then you will have to undergo a lot of unintended mechanical apparatus purchase

Propane is highly dangerous because of its high density. Make sure you are in a large open space before attempting the experiment. The consequences can be hazardous and most likely lethal

If the propane leaks from the container, it is very hard to notice and by the time you do, it could be very late and difficult to remove because it odorless and also it stays at the bottom of the floor and does not evaporate quickly


There are various types and numbers of conversion kits available in the market that will help you through a smooth transition because they come with all mechanical replacements and instructions

But if you want to do this by yourself, it won’t be as easy and straightforward. The process will need a lot of playing around and fixing and finding alternatives to a solution. Sometimes you will need to trim down parts or find replacements for the required apparatus and it is not instantly doable as compared to just buying a kit

A lot of generators will not need any change in the engine or other parts. And a lot of recent generators are made for dual fuel use. 

In case you want to use an old carburetor just to prevent your currently perfectly functioning carb. You might either want to switch back to gasoline and this one cannot be used back again as it will have a certain amount of damage involved. So try to borrow an old one from a friend or get one from a nearby repair shop, just to be safe

A more elaborate version of the process, if you have got an old rusty one nearby, involves changing the  carburetor’s compartments just so they could get back into work

But you won’t have to ideally do all of this if you can buy a conversion kit that is pretty affordable and a good long-term investment too. The kits are easily available too but you need to be careful before buying and see if they are compatible with your particular generator.

Final Words

Converting your gasoline generator to propane is an ideal choice if you have enough knowledge about generators and their working mechanisms. Otherwise, it is recommended you get some help from a friend, repair personnel, or at least a written detailed instruction booklet or manual. 

Once you know what to do, the process will take less than an hour and is definitely manageable. It is also important to study propane’s hazardous qualities and store them safely. Hoping that the article has given you at least a brief insight into generator conversions. Cheers to Happy camping!