Fidget Cube: The Best Way To Relieve Your Stress

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Fidget Cube: The Best Way To Relieve Your Stress

Fidgeting with things is a common symptom of those suffering from normal day-to-day life anxiety, ADHD, or other serious disorders that cause stress such as autism.

While fidgeting has been often spoken negatively and described as low-confidence and unprofessional, new research suggests that fidgeting can actually be helpful in kids and adults and can improve their everyday concentration and efficiency significantly.

There are cubes of 6-side and 12-side available in the market and come in various fidgeting tool options and colors.

Purpose and advantages:

Fidgeting has been a go-to solution for stress relief for years. People have fidgeted by clicking and rotating their pens, playing with their bag and coat zips, scribbling on desks, pressing buttons as to a point where they broke, chewing on their nails and pulling out skin and so many other examples have been seen and observed to relieve stress

Stress relief puffer or netballs, stretchy marble balls, and fidget spinners are toys devised for this very purpose. But not until recently, two brothers came up with a genius idea to put together some of these nick pick ticks into a small cube and amazed millions of people around the globe. The support for making these little gadgets was so huge, it’s famously one of the top ten Kickstarter campaign success stories of all time

The idea was to put together some of the common things people fidget around with when they are stressed. Simple things like flicking buttons and clicking pen caps relieve people from anxiety. What functionalities does the fidget cube come with – a brief description is given below

Functions involved in the fidget cube:

like mentioned before, if flicking switches continuously for a couple of minutes relieves you from social anxiety or maybe small fears and you just need a distraction – this side of the cube was made for you. You can flick the switch as much as you like without creating annoyance to your peers.

Oh buttons! Who did not like to play with buttons as a kid? Even for people with moderate anxiety, this tool can prove quite helpful. The side comes with a combination of buttons that make a sound and ones that do not that you can be clicked to give the satisfaction of maybe clicking a pen.

This one has the kind of ball that was present at the bottom of all of our computer’s mouses

The gears move in circles

The fidget cubes have keys that you can move up and down as you would in a combination lock on a traveling bag.

perfect for the gamer who likes to fiddle with his/her joystick when in stress

It is a movable dial that can be rotated in circles, another popular way of fidgeting implemented

side is modeled after a smooth worry Stone that people hold and fidget for stress relief

That you can pull and that is made of elastic material to help with times when you get frustrated stressed, and angry

Texture side is made for massaging your fingers and improving circulation but mainly another to help you fidget with

The loop of the fidget cube lets you hold it in a finger or hang it somewhere to a hook for easy access

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Fidget Cube:

  • Stay away from poor quality fidget cubes. Badly designed fidgeting cubes can cause more irritation than you might have asked for. If they make noise every time you use them, it can cause annoyance and ruins the whole point of their existence.

  • A lot of people suffering from anxiety due to whatever reasons prefer some colors over others. So make sure about it when you buy. Might not make sense to a person out of the circle, but very evident for a group of them

  • There a lot of options now with the fidgeting tools available in the cube. See what kind suits you the most before buying, Check here for Best Fidget Cubes to buy.

  • Try not to buy a cheap copy or a remake because of the temptations of saving some bucks. They will not come with a warranty card and you might have to throw it away sooner or later.

Fidget Cubes: Delivery Options

The official fidget cube company has partnerships with various services to ensure worldwide shipping is possible. They deliver in about two weeks and support Paypal payments. They also deliver free if a certain limit is reached so be sure to think of everyone around you who might be interested in availing a discount or just be helpful. 

Final Words

The fidgeting cube is a great way to relieve your stress whether you get stressed in a meeting, in a public, or in a classroom. If you are someone who has developed bad habits under stress, this one is more fun and you should definitely consider giving it a try.


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