How To Get Sound From The Projector To Speakers?

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How To Get Sound From The Projector To Speakers?

Connect projectors to speakers

Several combinations can be tried between the thousand models of projectors and speakers. If you already have a set of speakers and projectors, try to figure out if and how both of them connect with other devices and each other. Some options are simple and straight forward while some others are not.

Output Wired Connections

If you have analog audio ports in your stereo system, You can easily connect them with 3.5mm RCA cables or 3.5mm AUX cables. It is the most straightforward method but the only disadvantage is that the cables will have to run from the projector to the stereo system and will not give the nicest look to your projector room. Due to the analog signals sent in this method, both of the above choices cause interferences and allow noise and disturbance from the external environment.

Bluetooth Connected System

If you have a Bluetooth speaker system and Bluetooth supported-projector, it is the most recommended type of connection system. It is seamless and advanced and will give you a great viewing experience. All you have to do is to connect your speaker system  to the Bluetooth of a laptop and the audio will be output from the speakers without any disruptions.

However, if you do not have a Bluetooth speaker and only have a Bluetooth projector, you will need to buy a Bluetooth audio receiver adapter. Connecting this device to your stereo system will do the job. Thereby a connection is established between the projector and speakers.

If your projector does not have audio output ports

If you do not have any audio output ports in your projector and are not able to connect through Bluetooth you can use an AV receiver that will send data (both audio and video) to your projector.

You can use an HDMI cable to do this but routing your device correctly is very important in this scenario. The AV receiver basically sends a video signal to the projector and audio signals to the speakers.

If either of your appliances could not use an AV receiver, you will have to get an HDMI splitting device. The rest of the process will remain the same as above. The HDMI splitter will be connected to your laptop or personal computer, which will send audio and video to the splitter. The HDMI splitter can have RCA outputs that can be connected to speakers and AV receivers

S/PDIF Connectivity

In case your projector has S/PDIF connectivity options, the audio quality is great. Although this method is more suitable for shorter distances, longer cords should be available in the market. S/PDIF cables are used for interconnecting digital audio and output types. But this type is very rare because speakers are not built on this type of connection model. You will need some extra device to make it possible

Built-in Speakers

This is the most convenient and the best way to indulge in a home theater experience. It is definitely the priciest option. They come with built-in speakers or Bluetooth via connected speaker rods called Soundbars that have amazing sound and connectivity options. This method is also the easiest to set up but they will need to in close distance to each other to work well

Passive Speakers

Direct Cables and Bluetooth connections can only work with active speakers. In case you have a passive speaker system, you will need the help of an AV receiver or powered stereo system that can amplify the sound of your projector

How To Check For Errors When You Don't Get Audio?

Bad cables: the bad quality or old non-functional cables can lead to poor or no audio transmission in Between projector and speaker system. Check with different cables to make sure the problem doesn’t lie here.

Loose connections are very common reasons for audio transmission failure which can be easily fixed by checking all the wired connections once.

Speaker and projector often have a group of settings to enable and allow connections through them. Checking the connection setting and status will help you figure out the problem if that’s the case.

Compatibility can be an issue for beginner audio and video enthusiast. You will have to make sure that the devices and the cables and wires used are compatible with each other and serve the right purpose.

End Note

The above article was aimed to give you a detailed explanation of all kinds of connections possible between a projector and a speaker system. Hope it was of some use to you and gave you an idea of what can be done with existing, cheap projector and audio systems and what modifications can be made to improve the situation.

You do not need an expensive Bluetooth enabled system for a comfortable movie watching experience – all you need is some knowledge about how devices can be interconnected.