Different Ways to Make a Projector Screen on a Wall

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Different Ways to Make a Projector Screen on a Wall

Projector Screen in Into Wall

Making a DIY projector for your family and friends should not be too hard because all you technically need is a plain screen on which a projection can be made. You can use the following projector screen ideas for your small start-up company’s meetings as well. Whether you want a temporary fix or a permanent job, read up to find out what suits you the best

Things To Consider Before Making A Screen

Measure the dimensions of the room you are setting up for a projector. The room should have enough place to seat people some distance away from the screen to ensure a comfortable viewing experience. The  distance should not be too small or it can affect your eyesight strongly in the long term

Depending upon your room size, decide how big you want your screen to be. The screen should not be too small either. Make sure the room is not well lit or at least if a curtain can be added to make it a theatre-like experience.

What kind of Projector you have or can afford to buy should also make severe changes to your screen choices

Method 1: For A Tight Budget - Paint A Wall With Projector Paint

The painted screen is probably the most economically feasible and quickest option among the rest.

The downside of the painting method is the inevitable textures of the wall that will pop up into your viewing experience, but it is still a good beginner option and comes in very affordable ranges for a small family or a college students’ dorm types.

Check out the best projectors , As well as some more affordable HD options.

Method 2: For Temporary Purposes - Install A Portable Screen

This method is great for a temporary solution but will not withstand wear and tear for a long time. So if you are thinking of an upgrade soon or want a budget-friendly portable screen, this is an optimum choice

Method 3: Permanent And Quality Solution - Install A Permanent Projector Screen

This method is the closest you can get to a cinema experience. If you have a couple of bucks to spend, this is the most recommended one, because it will also serve you for a longer period of time


Hope the above post gave you ideas about what you can do for a projector screen for weekend late-night series bingeing or for an outdoor friend’s movie marathon. Building a screen by yourself is very easy and you should definitely try a DIY soon