TV vs Projector: Which is Best For Home?

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TV vs Projector: Which is Best For Home?

Projector VS Tv

Picture entertainment is essential to relieve the worry and pressure from a hectic ordinary life. But which picture entertainment is the most ideal? TVs or projector, which is best for home? The answer to this question varies, and if you are in a situation where you have to choose between the two, we suggest you take the pros and cons of both forms of picture entertainment and decide. To help you make your decision, we will draw a comparison and mention unique features that one has over the other. 

TV vs. Projector: Difference in Cost

HD TVs are priced higher in comparison to projectors. Projectors are more economical in the sense that you get the same HD picture quality and screen size for a much lower price than you would get from a TV. The inclusion of HD and OLED features and technology drives the price of TV higher. 

Purchasing a TV can set you back a thousand bucks, whereas a Projector only costs about a hundred. So, if we judge solely on price, Projector is the lucrative choice here.

Image Quality and Resolution

image quality and resolution are more than just pixels and 4K. For once, think about it this way, you buy a picture entertainment system because you would like to see movies and videos. Both Projectors and TV can provide a 4K picture quality, but as we mentioned before, a projector costs less. 

Even though the 4K feed appeals to you, a projector has a limited image quality of just 1080p. A TV has more to offer when it comes to image quality and pixels. There is no clear winner here, so we will let you decide which one you prefer.


The size of the picture entertainment system should correspond with the size of the room. Previously projectors were preferred more when considering the screen size and throw distance because projectors surely have the upper hand with their large projection. 

A projector is compact, and it is easier to enjoy entertainment outside, let’s say, your garden with a projector than a TV.  But now You can find a similar-sized TV in the market with much better features. The sole down factor is the price range of large TVs. 

If you want to have a large space and a budget that allows you to buy a large TV, go for it. But suppose you have a limited budget that does not allow any flexibility. In that case, we recommend going for the best projector if you are buying picture entertainment based on your preference for size.


Your TV does not change its size, and especially if you have a built-in entertainment unit set-up, you can just place your TV there, plug it in, and you are probably done. A TV requires minimum maintenance, and you only need to switch it on and off. 

Lamps that are used inside Projectors burn out, meaning they have a limited lifespan. A laser light source Projector also costs more. In conclusion, maintenance is required more in the case of Projectors rather than TVs.


A projector is placed way behind the back of you, and it probably has a single mono speaker, so hearing optimum sounds from running a projector is impossible. A TV does not exactly shine in this feature either. Even though it has stereo speakers, you won’t have a movie theatre experience. 

So we suggest you buy separate speakers for either picture entertainment system. But you ask us, what would we prefer judging on the present sound system quality in both TVs and Projector, we will choose TVs because it offers.

Final Words

After considering all these points, we would like to suggest you take your time and decide whether you prefer TVs or Projector. After all, the choice is yours.

We advise you to have an idea of a clear budget, maintenance, size of the room and size of your choice of picture entertainment, and the features you desire from it well thought out in your mind.

It will enable you to make the wisest decision possible, so you won’t regret it later on when the return period gets over.